Seamless 5"

Description: 5" seamless ogee or k-style aluminum gutter has been the industry standard for over 40 years. This is the product preferred by architects, builders and homeowners across the country. We manufacture all 5" seamless gutter on site, custom made for your home or building, eliminating any joints or seams. We use .027 or .032 aluminum with baked on enamel finish that comes with a twenty year warranty. We use a .060 hidden hanger with a 2" screw. We use the very best sealant available to ensure leak free endcaps and mitres. Most 5" installation utilizes our 2"X3" downspout. Our standard downspout and elbow is manufactured from prepainted .019 aluminum. We can obtain .024 in white only. Additionally, we offer our larger 3" X 4" downspouts for situations that benefit from increased drainage capacity. We install the downspouts with two wrap around straps on one story and another strap at the joints on 2 and 3 story installations. Our installations carry a 2 year labor and twenty year material warranty. (Click here to view the color chart for approximate colors - scanned colors are not true color).

Seamless 6"

Description: We have been installing 6" seamless gutter on small commercial buildings as well as some of the new larger residences, especially when we encounter long rafters and valley areas. We use .032 on all of our 6" jobs and use .019 3X4 downspouts. Special orders for .024 or .032 3X4 downspouts and elbows welcomed if needed. Our installations carry a 2 year labor and 20 year material warranty.

Seamless 7"

Description: This is used on large commercial shopping centers, churchs, and other such buildings. It comes in .032 and .040 prepainted aluminum and 24 gauge prepainted steel. We use the .060 aluminum or 16 gauge steel hanger when installing 7" gutter, and 4X5 downspouts and elbows with matching paint. Our installations carry a 2 year labor and 20 year Kynar paint warranty.

Copper Gutter and Downspouts

Description: Today's copper gutters are seamless! This means you can get the peace of mind of seamless gutters, while experiencing the elegance and sophistication copper offers. Remaining true to our quality standards, we still solder our own end caps and miters to ensure that you are receiving Miles' skilled workmanship and streamlined work flow by not outsourcing.

1/2 Round Gutter

Description: We offer a variety of hangers to complete any desired custom look, whether your going for maintaining your homes current style, or upgrading to something more modern.